Digging for Gold


There are so many food “rules” floating around out there that I try not to aggressively restrict the family in obeying many of them. ¬†Instead, I like to make goals, better eating habits that are not necessarily limiting, but expanding on all of the healthful choices that are available. ¬†One major goal that our family has is to consume as many locally or regionally sourced foods as our budget allows. ¬†We are BIG fans of the farmers market. ¬† Virginia has been very kind to us in this arena. ¬†There are so many markets, bakeries and dairies to choose from and utilize. ¬†I am in local food heaven. ¬†This is a far cry from our home state of Florida in regards to variety and availability¬†of truly local foods. ¬†This past week we decided to pay a visit to one of the local farms for some down and dirty potato picking. ¬†Great Country Farms in Bluemont, VA was hosting their annual Big Dig festival. ¬†The kids had a blast foraging for Yukon Golds and (what appeared to be) Idaho Reds. ¬†Tim was even able to pick some green beans in the neighboring field. ¬†The picking part was short-lived though, we had to pace ourselves otherwise we would have ended up with 50 pounds of potatoes for our little family of four. ¬†At the end of the day we had a great adventure, playing on the farm, visiting the animals and bringing home about 15 pounds of potatoes for our future dining pleasure.

IMG_0102 IMG_0107

The kids on the hunt.  AJ was so excited, he brought his own shovel.

IMG_0112 IMG_0115

Returning from the fields, hot, happy and covered in dirt.