Pre-school Enrichment

Title:  Fun With Food

Description:  A dynamic class that helps kids explore and develop a greater understanding of the food they eat.  

Purpose:  To help kids understand how food fuels their bodies, create a better relationship and comfort with different types of foods/food groups.  Foster beginning inpendence with food choices and preparation.  

Session topics:  Food Groups (can be spread over several sessions), Balanced Meals, Snacking, Food Jobs

Elementary School and Up/Homeschooling

Titles:  Fun With Food, Smart Snacks, Fuel Your Body/Mind, Healthy Choices are Everywhere, Decoding Food Myths and Media, Custom

Description: Offering enrichment sessions (Fun with Food), Group workshops- Smart Snacks, Fueling Body/Mind, Healthy Choices, Trends in Eating, Custom

Purpose: ASE/Workshops for kids and/or parents/teachers to help navigate today’s complex feeding environment.  Making healthy eating understandable, simple and attainable for all ages.  Fostering a healthy relationship with food and eating.  Building a knowledge base on sound nutritional science.  

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