“First week of spring”

So, no, technically this is not the true beginning of spring, but it sure felt like it here in NOVA.  All the lovely weather and amped up activity schedule, made for some much later meal (and bed) times for this family.  Here’s hoping we’ll get our acts together soon.

Monday: Steak with potatoes & salad

Tuesday:  Frozen chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries and baby carrots (SUPER over-scheduled night)

Wednesday:  Leftover steak skillet fajitas



Thursday: Easy chicken marsala with pasta & salad

Friday: Salmon burgers & potstickers (& probably a salad)


Easter Leftovers Week

We had soooo, much food leftover from Easter Sunday dinner. It would be a crime to let it all go to waste.  We needed to repurpose, lamb-kebabs, grilled pork, rolls, green beans, & asparagus orzo.  Here’s the plan…

Monday:  Garlic-rolls pork sliders & Roasted green beans

Tuesday:  Lamb pitas with homemade tzatziki (recipe here)

Wednesday:  Cuban sandwich quesadillas & Green beans

Thursday:  Salmon bun-less burgers & Lemon orzo


*At this point we have managed to consume nearly all of our leftovers, which is a success in my book!*