Renee McGrew, RD

Many years of study and practice have allowed me to earn the status of Registered Dietitian and thus develop my private practice.  This path began soon after my marriage and a relocation to Honolulu (leaving behind a career in speech pathology) and I have had the pleasure of working on it ever since.  Now, fifteen years and two children later, I have finally settled into a nutrition focus that is challenging, fun and meaningful .  I find greatest joy in working with young children (having spent most of my professional life doing so) while continuing the study and practice of nutrition.  We are a military family, my husband serves in the Army, so life is never dull.  Balancing military life, our family’s needs and my professional aspirations is a daily challenge.  It is dynamic and has much to offer and teach us all as we grow together.

The Babe

This blog began with the babe as my 1 1/2 year old daughter as a way to keep my mind sharp and practice current while sharing our family’s feeding story.  She has now grown to a healthy 8 years.  She is beautiful, strong and challenging in her own right.  Keeping both the babe and her brother nourished and healthy has been an ever-present worry of mine since his birth over a decade ago. It is also important to note that due to the dynamic nature of this blog, the subject of the Babe could morph to become my 11 year old son or even myself over time.  Feeding the Babe, is meant to be current and relevant to both my life and the readers’ lives.


Renee McGrew, RDN                                                                                  rnmnutrition@gmail.com

Practice Location: Alexandria, VA



This blog is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace medical advice. Please consult your physician before making any decisions or changes regarding your health, diet or lifestyle.

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