On the Road Again

The holidays are winding down, the days of relaxing and gluttony are becoming fewer and farther between. Our family has spent much time on the road, visiting friends and relatives. In other words, indulging in delicious home-cooked food and eating out way too much. Well now the party is O.V.E.R. We all need a little detox and a jump-start back to our normal routines.
First thing on the agenda, minimize the amount of sweets we ALL consume. No more dessert every evening, no more plates of cookies just begging to be eaten and no more breakfasts loaded with sugar. (Sorry AJ, you will not be seeing a Pop-Tart for many months to come). Next thing to conquer is the constant need to dine out. Fortunately this is not as difficult as the adults of the household tire of this fairly quickly when we must eat at some establishment on a daily basis. Usually by the time we return home, we want nothing more than to prepare our own meals. On the other hand, the Babe and her brother (AJ) would be content with a lifetime of Chic-fil-A. Finally the next big adjustment to the real world involves upping EVERYONE’s physical activity level. This means back to the YMCA at least three times a week for myself, starting a running routine for my husband and daily outdoor time for the Babe and AJ.
Hopefully with these adjustments we will all be back on the road to our (relatively) healthy lifestyle. Here’s to the new year, our successes and yours!

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